Why go speeddating

Speeddating combined with a trendy and cozy location is the recipe for an unforgettable evening. Register and experience it yourself!

Why go speeddating?

Speeddating appeals to people who are open to meeting new people in real life. This combined with a cozy location ensures that the ice is immediately broken and you go home with a bunch of new friends and maybe your special person.

Speeddating is a unique experience, you only live once, so you have to try it at least one time ;)!You do not know in advance who you are going to meet or what to expect. This can only ensure that you are pleasantly surprised by the people you meet and the nice cafes and restaurants you discover.

Give it a try and we guarantee you will be amazed what a nice the evening you had!

Speeddating is an easy way to meet new people. You get to know at least eight singles who are, just like you, open to meeting new people and having a good time!

Speeddating is the perfect icebreaker! Each minidate only takes 5 minutes. After all, research shows that you no longer need to feel whether it ‘clicks’ or not!

Once the ice is broken you can afterwards continue to talk with a nice glass of wine or a tasty beer.

You meet everyone ‘face to face’.

Unpleasant surprises or unrealized expectations (genre: your date looks nothing like his/her online profile picture) are excluded. After all, you can immediately see waht your conversation partner really looks like.

More generally, speeddating is a very safe way to get to know new people, since you can decide for yourself afterwards whether and with whom you share your contact details.

What can you expect when you come to one of our speed dating events?

Upon arrival our friendly host welcomes you with a big smile and gives you coupons to get a tasty drink at the bar.

Once everyone has arrived, the women take place behind a table, after which the men randomly choose a table for the first mini date.

Each minidate lasts 6 minutes. You talk about what you want, you ask the questions you want to ask, no pressure there ;). A conversation can vary from very specific questions to simply talking about what you did the weekend before. The choice is entirely yours! If you want to give the conversation a ‘twist’ or just look for a nice icebreaker, challenge your partner to answer a dilemma from the dilemma envelope.

In addition to the dilemma envelopes, you will find a leaf on each table where you can indicate whether you are interested in getting to know your conversation partner better. Note: just give your first name and the first letter of your last name, so you can talk anonymously and freely with everyone.

After undoubtedly many fascinating conversations, there is an after drink where everybody talks and has fun.

At the end of the evening you indiciate who you would like to see again.

If the interest is mutual and your ‘match’ also gave us your name, you will receive each other’s contact details by e-mail the following day.

Of course, we will leave the rest to you ;)!

Very simple: spontaneous, fun and single people who, just like you, want to get to know new people! Especially busy working singles come to our events. We are sure that you will be pleasantly surprised about who you meet.

Remember, everyone comes for the same reason: expanding his social circle and of course meeting that special person. We offer the perfect relaxed solution for busy singles to spend a nice evening meeting great people.

Our events take place in hip and cozy cafés and restaurants in the center of the city.

Because we are convinced that you must be able to make contacts in privacy, our cafés are always reserved exclusively for our guests that evening.

How successful are speeddating events?


82% of the people who come to our events have at least one “match”! We believe that a cozy, trendy location combined with a speeddate is the recipe for a successful evening:

  • Speeddating is the perfect icebreaker. After everyone has had a short talk with each other, the atmosphere is always good!
  • Everyone who comes to speed dating is open to getting to know new people, this creates the ideal atmosphere for a great evening!
  • No cell phone, no app, no hassle. You get to know people in real life!

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